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To achieve the highest environmental standards in a condo building, Bronte Lakeside has partnered with TRAK International, the North American leader in renewable green energy. TRAK has installed its state-of-the-art Smart Energy System at Bronte Lakeside. Without burning fossil fuels, this innovative smart technology uses the earth’s natural energy contained in its crust to heat or cool the building as needed and returns that energy to the ground, making it a truly renewable option.


Less mechanical equipment in suite produces more useable floor space in your suite.


Precision anytime Heating or Cooling with Smart Energy Management leads to a comfortable living environment and equitable energy costs.


Hot water from Geoexchange & CHP Co-gen means constant circulation giving you near endless, instant hot water and near instantaneous heating and cooling.


Fresh, healthy air comes from continuous ventilation with an optional in-suite UV Air Treatment.


In-floor heating and cooling along with continuous ventilation creates a brighter, drier and more energy-efficient parking garage.


Individual suite and common area utility metering mean you will only pay for what you use.


These added building features will result in a higher resale value of your suite.


No power interruptions because of the building’s 24/7 on-site, combined heat and power (CHP) co-generation


Peace of mind knowing you are contributing to a healthier planet


Ceiling mounted Fan Coil with Variable Speed reduces insuite noise resulting in a silent and tranquil suite.